Nate spanking art

I must confess the ones I particularly like are the ones with the younger spankees, even real boys instead of men dressed as schoolboys or whatever. I wish that I was the English Lord spanked by the two working class English women.

nate spanking art

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I was 20 years old that was many years ago and she is gone but it was an experience that I will never forget, humiliating, painful and effective in that I always gave her wide birth after. I like artwork where other females,especially female family members, get pleasure out of seeing a man dominated. So here is a typical story line, the hapless young man caught rifling around in the lady's panty drawer.

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Nate is an artist who specializes in drawings of F/M and F/m spankings and Femdom art. He was the webmaster of Sore Bottoms For Naughty Boys, a free site that combined his drawings with short stories (picture stories). Sore Bottoms For Naughty Boys also included F/M spanking .

Nate's Hofbrauhaus Spanking